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Clairvoyant Healing & Guidance  


The clairvoyant guidance and healing facilitations are offered to you as part of your gong and sacred sound immersion or as a treatment on its own.


Your gong journey is an invitation for you to deeply relax and allow the healing frequencies of the gongs and Tibetan bowls and musical instruments, to release, and restore a self-empowered healing journey of connection to self-love and interbeing. Your opportunity to create the space to simply be and receive your divine revelations of truth and loving resolutions.A safe space to be held in loving grace and feel your divine authentic nature and loving interconnectedness.

With over 30 years of experience as a  healing facilitator and workshop leader for hundreds of people. I have wonderfully fine-tuned the healing tools that have the highest uplifting and sustained optimum healing for people. With the premise of “healing thyself” as one of the core foundations of my treatments. As we all have the power to heal ourselves and when we realize this we are aligned with our power to do so, sometimes we just need a little help with this awakening.


For true healing to take place, the core issue ( all physical symptoms have their root cause in the emotional body) needs to be revealed. We are not just treating the symptoms i.e. depression if we did, the symptoms would just manifest in different forms, i.e. depression turns to diabetes, rather like putting a plaster on a boil. When the core issue is revealed and healed all related manifesting issues are also healed and optimum well-being is restored.


The key to embracing optimum well-being and the process of embracing authentic interbeing go hand in hand with the expansion of and deepening connection to our true nature of interconnectedness. Using a combination of mindfulness, enlightenment intensive, and psychic and energy healing tools to facilitate for you to see, embrace, and accept your authentic revelations of the true cause, the core issue, of illness or business stagnation or relationship issues, etc. Revealing where there exists a separation from well-being, that is causing suffering. Indeed the journey of reconnecting and realigning with our authentic true nature, beyond the facades of ego-based illusions of playing out our attachments to behaving in a particular way, i.e. being the perfect partner or most successful businessman, in my experience as a practitioner is the key to embracing optimum well-being.


When there is a dis-ease we have separated from this axis point of oneness and in session, the invitation exists to look deeply and see exactly where you have separated from well-being and why and restore your connection to well-being. Transforming your perceptions, choices, actions, and thought forms, of disconnected suffering, loss poverty …..and realigning with your optimum well-being, this, of course, extends to all aspects of your life, personal and business.

During your gong baths, I also use  my clairvoyant skills to guide   and assist your reconnection and realignment with optimum well-being, wherein you are reconnecting to optimum source energy and vibration, releasing traumatic modes of disconnection to well being. It is you who actually embraces your journey of well-being and so it is you who receive the gifts and are empowered and aligned with well-being. Well being in health, relationships, happiness, abundance, time ………

The clairvoyant insights and messages and guidance  & healing facilitations are also offered to you are part of your treatment

The gong baths invite you to....


Enjoy your self-empowered healing.

Facilitations for you to  reconnect with and receive your Divine revelations of truth and guidance


Facilitating for you to access your inner child guidance to locate, release, and transform traumas and suffering and realign and reconnect with well-being.


Facilitating for you to release stagnant emotional and physical energies and traumas and transform suffering, realigning you with a deeper connection to your authenticity. emotions and those of others, greater gratitude for your life and living, and optimum well-being.

One to one clairvoyant treatments and group/private party treatments available.

 One  &  a Half hours  consultation                        Donations from £65 to £111      *Special offer now £50                  

Students and NHS £35

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