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The name "the Cosmic Vibrations of love"  was channeled, whilst I was meditating and blessed by the stone circle at Avebury in 2003 in an Autumn equinox ceremony. Now," the cosmic vibrations of love " are alive and pulsing the beautiful loving interconnected energies of the cosmic vibrations of love collective.......Through the sacred gongs and crystal and Tibetan bowls, musical instruments and voices infinitely ......

Since childhood, I am  clairvoyant and hold a very deep connection with nature, and able to read the earth and people and buildings biofields, auras, and scan for stagnation, clearing the stagnation and seeing clearly what is hidden! To fine-tune these gifts and become more confident with my clarity of visions and healing .

I trained 25 years ago, with the renowned master Thich Nhat Hanh, in mindfulness and received my dharma name “Fragrant Speech of the Heart”. These powerful mindfulness teachings offer a tool to obtain clear and deep insights and resolutions into whatever one gives one's attention to and why one is giving attention to particular thought forms and feelings to create a dualistic existence ie living in fear and love at the same time and living and playing out wrong perception. The mindfulness tools cut like a diamond through these illusions and fears, revealing a space of nondualistic authentic loving interconnectedness. It is as if the veils of illusion are revealed and released, revealing the truth and giving practical solutions to business-centered and personal conflict and health-presenting situations.

At the same time, I was introduced to earth dowsing by Richard Creightmore,,  Richard. and Julia at Land and Spirit are two of the world masters in locating sacred sites and earth dowsing and Feng Shui, to clear stagnant earth energies and leylines and trapped entities.

My natural clairvoyant gifts really helped me to see the stagnations and read the earth and people's-biofields and the earth's dowsing tools showed me how to clear the stagnations and entities and realign and recalibrate the earth, properties, and people with higher vibrational and balanced biofields. and optimum well-being.

My clairvoyant healing and earth-dowsing gifts together with my mindfulness training experience, and teaching practice have been deepened with my enlightenment-intensive training with Shivam O 'Brien ( /enlightenment-intensive ). Learning and applying the ancient enlightenment tools to intensive self-inquiry, learning how to create and hold the sacred space for authentic being, rather than just observing superficial patterns of behavior, one needs to authentically hold the space of self-inquiry to reveal the authentic self, rather than observe and get stuck in the dimensions of deluded existence, like a game of charades. 


All of these practices have witnessed the deep and miraculous healings and transformation of the suffering of many, and the mindfulness practices clearly support and sustain optimum emotional and physical well-being.  When the simple tools of mindfulness are applied, perception is transformed and resistance is released, trauma is reconciled, transforming suffering into optimum well-being.

The mindfulness tools help you to create a space in your mind and life to genuinely connect with your deeper feelings and help you to see your fears that are stopping you from being free of suffering and release them and embrace your desires and feelings and what you really want in life and help you to create a life that is not compromised, of filled. with grasping or fear or attachment or non-acceptance but rather filled with the space of connection to gratitude and love and acceptance and for you to do what you want and connect with the world and others from this premise of loving interconnectedness, knowing that we all are offering deep healing to each other through revealing aspects of reflections to one another! The mindfulness tools certainly help you see clearly what these aspects are! These aspects only appear in your bio-resonance field if you hold an aspect of them, including fear!

 As I was using bio-resonance in earth dowsing and healing to detect and clear stagnant energies,I realized that the bio-resonance field of people and the planet was changing and becoming more fine-tuned, part of the earth. and people's spiritual evolution the planet was changing to deepen and extend my practice of bio-resonance to further support people's journey of self-empowerment During the integrated sound healing course  I specialized in bio-resonance training, reading the body energies with tuning forks, and crystal bowls, drums, and gongs. Rather like a bat using echolocation, the instruments. can be used to detect and clear energetic stagnation Training with the integral sound healing course with the "Sound Healing Academy and Siobhan Swider and gong training with Sheila Whittaker, wonderfully complements the mindfulness and healing. Each gong treatment and workshop  incorporates  mindful meditation, helping you to create a clearer and deeper space for you to see, reset, renew, and fine-tune your life and intentions  and thus support your journey of self-empowered healing and optimum sustained well-being

1985    B.A Hons: Sociology: Sussex University.

1992    I.T.E.C.  Clinical Aromatherapist.

2005 Cosmic Love chocolates and cacao ceremonies were launched.

1997  Initial  mindfulness immersion  of retreats  and community of interbeing with Thich Nhat Hanh and the community of mindfulness and received mindfulness training

In 2017 : MBSR: Mindfulness tools to facilitate stress reduction.

In 2023  .Crystal bowl training and Diploma in integral sound healing with Siobhan Swider  and "the sound healing academy" and  gong intensive workshop with Sheila  gong journey and training continues with Sheila Whittaker

2023 -2024.Gong practitioner training with Sheila whittaker and member of the College of sound healing

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