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The Cosmic Vibrations of Love
Cacao & Ceremony



With over 15 years of alchemy experience in blending sacred cacao with other pure potentizing remedies and facilitating cacao rituals to create, restore, and sustain sacred space expansion and connection……opening the sacred gateways for embracing unconditional loving self-empowerment and interconnectedness.​Combining sacred cacao with guided meditation and sound immersion gong and crystal bowl baths offers us a deeper experience to connect authentically with our true nature, of loving interbeing.... beyond fear... a path of sacred clear alignment and balance with nature in divine love.​Herein, the invitation exists to sacredly invite and lovingly accept what arises ......the divine revelations and resolutions of truth...the cleansing......releasing, and healing of outworn and sabotaging beliefs, choices, and ancestral patterns....a reset,  a refining of intentions ...a deeper connection with our authentic true nature and emotions,  interbeing and sacred gifts to share ..... and acknowledgment of loving reflections and interconnectedness...........a momentous restoring of harmonious balance.​Sacred Cacao at events with treatments and special cacao ceremony************************************************* 

This sacred cacao is offered to you for an additional £5 at especially themed group gong bath sound immersions, e.g. Solstice, workshops, and one-to-one treatments.​Sacred Cacao Ceremonies***********************are also offered at private and public events such as festivals, devotional events, ecstatic dance, and opening circles, offering a  guided group cacao ceremony for approximately 15 mins with sacred cacao for each person at £5. ​​​​

"Breath of life...gong. of life.....the sacred sound awakening loving interconnectedness....I am you. and you are me... in loving unity."

Leah star

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