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I am here for you...I water the seed of self-compassion  and compassion for you so we may embrace loving unity


"Well done Leah Star

That amazing! 

You are so good at this.

I’ve loved every gong bath that you have given us. Your natural ability to tune in to each person, combined with the amazing healing vibrations of the sounds you produce, always send me into other worlds leaving me feeling relaxed and rejuvenated."

Paulina Wojciechowska

"Hi Leah,

It was lovely to meet you too, and thank you for my session, it was deeply relaxing. As I walked home from my session, I felt light, brighter and more at peace. I have felt a shift over the last few days with regard to acceptance and letting go, and with that has come more peace."



The gong bath I had with Leah was incredible! It was just what I needed. I was struggling with a lot of complex issues and throughout the sound healing I came to quite a few realisations which enabled me to put things in place to move forward with areas of my life that had been stagnating. It was exceptionally powerful but also relaxing and I left feeling a weight had been lifted off me.Debbie Yorkshire

"What a great sound bath by Leah. I love it. deep nurture… I sensed Leah’s fun also, which is very helpfull. Leah’s connection with spirit world and her sharings on this, at the end are such an impressive bonus of integration. Her sound bath is such a big treat, I would love to come again…"


“Leah embodies the spirit, wisdom and empathy of the goddess and channels these attributes through her prowess with her healing instruments. I have absorbed her beautiful and radiant sound frequencies and highly recommend you do the same.” Benjamin Moonwater Planet

"I didn't know what to expect, but it was amazing. I had an incredible experience of beautiful colours washing over me and felt calm, and relaxed. I would recommend it to everyone. Leah has amazing insight and makes you feel cared for and relaxed..."

Ruth Johnston

I had a magical time this last weekend experiencing a Sound Healing Bath with Leah in a warm and peaceful setting..

Her gentle voice and beautiful meditation, along with the extraordinary Gong, the Tibetan singing bowls and Chimes lulled me into a profound state of wellbeing.


This is a wonderful vibrational healing modality for everyone.


Blessings Jac 


Hi Leah, 


Thank you so much for your beautiful session. Here is my testimonial.


My gong experience with Leah was truly beautiful. She welcomed me into her warm workspace with herbal tea, making sure I was comfortable and had enough blankets. Her gong playing swept my consciousness away on a fascinating journey. My entire body fizzed and I could feel the blockages and aches I had arrived with melt away. Leah's insights for me after the session were fascinating, her ability to receive life messages makes this experience incredibly special. I will definitely be going back! 

I’m still feeling freer and more joyful, something definitely shifted during the gong session. I’m more in my body and grounded, less in my head and part of my experience. 


Does that make sense? 


There has been a possitive change. Xxx


Thank you so much, you have given me so much to think about and look forward to. xxx Joa.Sussex


During my session with Leah, I felt very safe and as if I was being carried by the sound of the gongs on a healing journey. Energetically it was very powerful and I felt shifts in my body, a lot of energy was released. By the end of the session I felt extremely peaceful, and fresh and gentle. During the following week, I experienced a feeling of spaciousness around my head, neck, shoulders and heart. I felt expensive both physically and energetically, as if I had shed a constrictive skin. I also felt grounded, positive, calm, and very relaxed. This was a wonderful outcome for me as I had previously been experiencing a lot of stress and some deep anxiety as well. I can only sing Leah‘s praises as a practitioner. She is immensely welcoming and reassuring and very confident in her technique with the gongs themselves. Her wisdom and insight and use of mindfulness techniques to ground me after the treatment were really effective. I definitely felt very grounded For the following week or so. In the second week, following the treatment, what with the ups and downs of life, my nervous system was re triggered to some extent, but I definitely felt the benefits of that treatment, and felt generally more relaxed, for several weeks afterwards. I actually continued to draw on the experience of being in the sound vibration of the gongs, as a way of centring myself when I felt stressed or tired. Overall, it was a very powerful healing treatment and I have recommended Leah to everyone.Riga Forbes.Sussex.


I am relatively new to experiencing gong baths and sound healing of any sort - I had experienced a couple of taster sessions here and there but my first real sound bath experience was at Leah's winter solstice sound bath at the end of 2023. Everything about that experience was so warm and rich: Leah has a very grounding, welcoming presence and she holds the space skilfully to keep it feeling safe, protected and yet open. ... I often struggle with types of meditation that are focused on the present moment, such as mindfulness, as my "monkey mind" goes into overdrive which can actually make me feel quite stressed and even triggered. But Leah's practice keeps the present moment as a constant flow rather than a static thing and the way she introduces this alongside sound I found to be extraordinarily effective. In that first sound bath I was astonished at "how far I travelled" - where I went to in the dream-like visions that arrived during that process and meanwhile how the vibrations from the gongs seemed to melt away tensions. It really did feel like an immersion. It made a deep impression and I continued to feel the resonance several days later.

A couple more soundbaths later, I felt really drawn to the idea of the individual treatment – particularly the word "recalibration". I've been feeling stuck with a major dilemma in my work life for a long time, where patterns appear to keep repeating and I have felt trapped and traumatised.  It's the sort of situation where you sometimes desperately want to be able to hit a reset button – and so the idea of recalibration appealed.Anonymous.UK


Leah is a wonderful therapist and offers so much more than a traditional sound bath experience. I was very pleasantly surprised to discover how deep the experience goes. Leah offers a nurturing and safely held space to experience the healing vibrational sounds from the Gongs. It was a truly powerful and extraordinary experience and a deeply personal journey that I was taken on. 


I arrived at the session in quite a 'heady' space yet when I left felt more embodied. Leah sometimes receives messages for her clients whilst she is working with the Gongs.You may be offered a choice to hear these if it feels right to you. Throughout my Gong bath journey I saw many images and had insights of my own which offered me greater clarity.  Leah explains that the Gongs help to connect us to the soul level. 


Leah is a wonderful and kind lady with a huge heart and it is clear to me that she is working with her highest intentions to help and heal those that are lucky enough to find her. 

Sarah Madden, Somatic Coach


Bowen Therapist, Somatic Coach ECBS, MBTER, CNHC

Travel, Health & Well-Being Writer 

Mb: 07710 329 449

Breath of Life and Gong of Life...The Sacred sound awakening loving interconnectedness.......I am you and you are  loving unity

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