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Earth Dowsing

Ley Line Cleansing

 Geopathic Stress


Energetic Space  Clearing.


Clairvoyant Guidance



To Release Geopathic Stress : Disease:

Business & Health Demise: Stagnant  Energies:

Sell your House/Land.

Restoring Optimum and  Sustained Well-Being.



Energetic stagnation and geopathic stress on and connected to the land and water can cause havoc by manifesting mental and physical ill health and the demise of business success and domestic well-being. When haunting and trapped entities join the scenario geomancy and dowsing really remedy the situation quickly and effectively.

This treatment is specifically designed to reveal and release stagnation and disease and realign with optimum and sustained well-being.

For individuals, families, and businesses to release all that is not working within the home, business, and community and reset and realign with new personal intentions and business mission statements.

With the renewed focus on personal intentions and business mission statements, all that is not serving the individual, family, or company is revealed, released, and transformed, to assist the sustained realignment with optimum well-being and success accordingly.

These dowsing treatments serve to accomplish the following.

1)Reveal and Remove energetic stagnation and obstacles causing associated problems and no longer serving the individual /company/community’s highest potential of thriving well-being.

2)  Positively transform negative energies and ley lines to support thriving well-being and successful business.

3) Remove trapped debilitating ancestral and stagnant energies and realign individual/ business with manifest optimum and sustainable intentions and mission statements.

4) Remedy-associated problems ie ill health, business stagnation/ie communication, finance, underachieving, chaos lack of direction, etc.

5)Realign and reset you and your home /business with thriving personal and working environments and optimum well-being.

6)Emotional and physical blocks are removed to facilitate healthy land and pure flowing water sources,  thriving well-being, businesses and communities

Length of treatments

Geomancy and dowsing treatments comprise 2  sessions. The first consultation of 3 hours and the second of 1.5 hours, 4.5 hrs hours in total.

The first consultation to assess

1)What is working?

2)What is not working?


4)Locate and clear and remedy geopathic stress and stagnation core with dowsing.

5)Realign individual/domestic/business premises with intentions and mission statements and optimum well-being.

The second consultation of. 1.5 hours is from 2 weeks to 3 months later, depending on the severity of the case, and includes.

1) Follow-up treatment to fine-tune alignment with intentions and clear final debris of business stagnation.

It is important to note that all family members and business members relative to the dwelling/business premises will be included in this treatment and will benefit immensely.

 Plus travel expenses (outside  10 miles of Lewes)

£333 Plus expenses

These treatments can also be carried out remotely or in person.


Earth acupuncture and dowsing are the perfect tools to locate, buy or rent your perfect home, land, or business and sell an existing property quickly by removing obstacles and geopathic stress.

Most clients contact me for help selling their homes and land which have been on the market for a while or the chain has collapsed several times.

Many houses/businesses also have an emotional imprint of those that have lived  /worked in the property which can have a negative effect such as divorce/separation.

Geopathic stress, hauntings, and ley line stress from road and property building/housing developments can also impact negatively the energy of a dwelling and land.

These treatments dowse and geomancy to clear the existing and onward chain of stagnation and geopathic stress and entities and advise re the best location to purchase/rent/live/business.

Carried out remotely or in person

1.5 hrs £111

Plus travel expenses.

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